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Multi Use Games Area Systems (MUGA'S)

Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA's) are increasingly popular for schools, parks and leisure facilities.

MUGA surfaces are designed to allow different sports to be played on the same area.

Stockmeier Polymeric MUGA’s are designed for maximum flexibility of use, safety, durability and cost effectiveness.

We have many different systems available for polymeric MUGA’s and work closely with our customers to choose the right system for the intended use.

Two of the most popular systems in the UK are:

Stobitan® SC Sport England Type 4 MUGA

Stobitan® SC is a porous MUGA system, with high spike and slip resistance.  The finely granulated finish provides a soft and comfortable playing surface for many types of sport (football, netball, tennis, athletics) Stobitan® SC systems meet the standards of IAAF and EN 14877.

Stobiplay® Netball Sport England Type 3 MUGA

Stobiplay Netball is a porous MUGA system.  This system is designed for primary use as a Netball or Basketball court.  The system is designed to achieve All England Netball Assoc. recommendation of  >75 on TRRL Slip Test.

We have a range of other tested systems for different applications – contact us for more information.

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