Northane Sport & Play

Research & Development

Since the beginning in 1996, our aim has been to develop and improve synthetic surface products for sport and play applications.

As a leading supplier of sports and play surfaces in the UK, we have become product development consultants for both our manufacturing partners and customers.

We collaborate with our manufacturing partners’ technical teams, working with them in their laboratories at Stockmeier, Germany and Gezolan, Switzerland. Our work results in safer and higher-performance surfaces for sports facilities and playgrounds.

Collaborating partners in the sport and play market

Working with technical teams in the UK, Europe and the USA, we can develop and test new systems or groups of products to meet a individual project requirements.

We can test different compositions in the lab and give technical insights on how to customise it to your needs. We will continue to research and test until the specification is right for the customer and the product’s application.

R&D project examples

  • Surfacing which gives the surround of a swimming pool the ability to handle moisture and chlorine and remain anti-slip without losing colour.
  • The Aerokin infill EPDM rubber granules used to make artificial turf.
  • Coloured rubber surfacing used to construct children’s educational play areas in schools, nurseries (kindergarten) and parks.
  • We visit playgrounds and sports clubs to advise customers on installation techniques.

If an off-the-shelf product doesn’t quite meet the purpose of its application, we work closely with the manufacturer in their laboratory to re-design and improve the components for their intended use.

Our goal is to help our partners develop higher performance sports surfaces and safer play areas when conditions change and problems arise.

Do you have an idea for a product or system?

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