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Stobitan® Athletics Track Systems

Stobitan® Athletics track systems

We are the exclusive UK & Ireland Supplier of Stockmeier Stobitan® Athletics track systems. The Stobitan® Track Systems are fully IAAF tested and Certified.

With over 20 years’ experience we work closely with our customers from the tendering stage to completion.  We offer technical support, references, site visits and can also provide a warranty for the whole Polymeric Surface.

We have reference sites throughout the UK and around the Globe.

Stobitan® SC is a porous system , with high spike resistance, and a finely granulated finish providing a soft and comfortable running surface. Stobitan® SC systems meet the standards of IAAF and EN 14877.

Stobitan® SW is an impermeable sandwich system that makes it a flexible running track system. Stobitan® SW systems meet the standards for IAAF and EN 1487.

The Stobitan® Full Pour System is an impermeable and spike resistant system that meets the standards for IAAF and EN 14877.

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