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PU Binders & Coatings for Playground Surfaces

PU Binders & Coatings for Playground Surfaces

Working with Stockmeier we have developed the largest dedicated range of Playground binders available in Europe (possibly the World!).

We stock this range in our UK warehouse along with all other materials you may need for Playground Surfacing and specialise in delivering “the full package” direct to your Job Site.

30 years of knowledge and experience has led to an extensive product range. In the rare case that we do not have a product to suit your project, then we will formulate a new one specifically for you!

  • Fast Curing Binders (1-2 hours)
  • Medium Curing Binders (4-6 hours)
  • Slow Curing Binders (12 hours +)
  • Winter Binders
  • Summer Binders
  • Low Foaming Binders
  • UV Stable Aliphatic Binders
  • Special Rubber Mulch Binders
  • Primers (Including Solvent free)
  • PU Anti – Slip Coatings
  • STOBIGYM™ Indoor Flooring
  • Resin Bound Stone Systems
  • Resin Bonded Stone Systems
  • Seam Adhesive for Artificial Turf
  • Binder for Swimming Pool surrounds / Splashpads
  • Rubber Tile Adhesive
  • Stobicoll R moulding binders

Binders are available in 1000Ltr IBC, 220 kg drums / 25 kg kegs as standard (other pack sizes available on request).

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