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Resin Bonded Rubber Mulch

We are the UK and Ireland licensed distributors of Mulch

Produced in UK, this market leading product is available from our UK warehouse alongside the specifically formulated binder.

Made from disused HGV and Bus tyres, Mulch has great recycle values. Rather than disposing tyres into landfills or other un environmentally friendly ways, we have thousands of tonnes of tyres shredded, the unwanted elements such as metal are removed and we are left with a clear rubber shred that we use to create our Mulch.

Using Mulch rather than traditional EPDM wet pour also means that less fossil fuels are burned in the making of EPDM granules used so commonly across the world.

  • Bound recycled coloured rubber mulch
  • Resin bonded rubber mulch
  • Low cost compared to other synthetic surfaces
  • Very low maintenance
  • Quick to install with minimum disturbance to ground and the site
  • A sub-base is not required on most soils
  • No hard edging required on existing grass sites
  • All weather surface
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • No shrinkage issues when installed into a grassy area

Tested and certified to playground area safety surfacing standards – BSEN 1177 – 7188

  • Natural appearance
  • Fully tested system
  • Reduction in site preparation
  • Proven longevity
  • Tried and tested system on sites for over 10 years
  • Can be used for a wide range of uses including playgrounds, landscaping, paths and much more
  • Full installation instructions provided
  • Specifically developed installation tools to drastically increase productivity.

Mulch Colour Range

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