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Recycled Tyre Granules (SBR)

We stock high-quality black recycled granules made from waste tyres

Produced in the UK, the material is granulated in a sophisticated process designed to remove all steel, fibre and dust from the end product. The result is a very high-quality rubber granulate.

We stock 2 main grades:

  1. For use in Playground Base Layer construction
  2. For use in high tensile strength Shockpads underneath artificial turf

We stock high-quality SBR Base Rubber Granules for Playground Base Layers in our UK warehouse.

This material is available in 25kg bags and is graded 2-6mm as standard (other sizes available on request).

The key benefits of this material for Playground Base Layers are:

  • High elastic content
  • Regular granule geometry
  • Low pricepoint

We specialise in delivering this material direct to site along with all other materials necessary for installing “Wet Pour” Playground Surfaces.

Working with a specialist UK producer we stock and supply high quality recycled rubber for Shockpads under artificial turf.

This material is available in 25kg bags and 1 tonne big bags. The standard grade is 2-6mm (other granule sizes available on request).

We have completed extensive testing of these granules in conjunction with Stockmeier PU Binders for Shockpads and our technical team can assist you in the best formulation for your needs.

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